Mortified woman orders sexy pink PVC dress from PLT only for a baggy pink big bag to arrive instead

BY NOW, we all know that ordering something online without trying it on IRL comes with some risks.

We've all experienced disappointment when our shop arrives and we realise it's not what we had hoped and with most items showcased on slender models, it's hard to know what something will actually look like on.

One woman though, received a dress that was so dramatically different from the online picture that it was actually comical.

TikTok user Havi, picked out a sexy pink PVC mini-dress with a flattering figure-hugging cut and chunky straps.

The dress was clearly designed to show off curves and looked perfect for a flirty date night.

Unfortunately that's not what this Pretty Little Thing dress looked like at all as it ended up a like a baggy pink bin bag that swamped the woman's figure.

Havi uploaded a video of her purchase with the jokey caption: "PrettyLittleThing better count their days."

Viewers of the video were quick to jump in with their comments with some saying she looked like she was wearing curtains and another suggesting it was a "raincoat".

One said: "That's a pink carry on bag."

Another said: "PrettyLittleThing has done that to me before, never shopped there again!"

And a third said: "I never saw a pink trash bag before!"


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