Mortified woman splashes out on a dress with waist cut-outs – but it doesn’t even cover her boobs

A WOMAN has revealed the perils of online shopping after her £65 dress left her breasts completely exposed.

Courtney Henderson from Newcastle was mortified when she tried on the garment from online retailer Dressmezee, only to find it left her practically naked from the waist up.

The EE sales agent had bought the outfit for her birthday night out but was left red-faced by the X-rated garment.

Photos show the green sparkly Ex Lovers Glitter dress as worn by the model compared with a censored photo of Courtney.

The emerald dress cuts awkwardly above her chest, leaving her breasts hanging out either side.

The caption on the photo reads: "What a brilliant fit. Definitely worth the keep and £65 spent."

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A tickled Courtney took to social media to share the fashion faux-pas.

She posted the images with the caption: "Dressmezee sorted me right out with this little belter, fits like a dream."

Courtney's tweet, which has since racked up over 31,000 likes has had social media users in stitches.

One user wrote: "Courtney hahaha I'm creasing."

Another added: "I just spat coffee out everywhere. I am in f***ing stitches.

While a third replied: "I mean it's a definite look."

Courtney said: "To be completely honest, there’s not that much to say about it.

"Apart from ordering a dress which clearly is made for the smaller breasted in society, which most dresses are these days."

A spokesperson for Dressmezee told Fabulous Digital: "Our Ex Lovers dress has continuously been one of our best sellers since being added to the website.

"If you check out our tagged images on Instagram you will see we have had many customers who have worn the dress and have been super happy with it. 

"We can only apologise that the dress was not suitable for the customer, we do offer a size chart so we can ensure we are as accurate as we can possibly be.

"Our website clearly states that we have a very fair 14 day return policy, as with the various shapes and sizes of our customer’s bodies it is unlikely that every garment will fit every individual.  

"Of course not all poor fittings generate as much publicity as Courtney’s, so as a gesture of goodwill and thanks for all the extra publicity, in addition to her refund we’re happy to offer 25% off her next purchase."

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