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MRS HINCH fans claim they’ve found the ultimate hack to make your grubby tea mugs squeaky clean – and it only costs 12p.

Mugs are prone to brown staining due to a certain acid which gives tea its colour and is also a very strong dye.

Tannin is used for tanning leather and making ink, so it’s definitely potent enough to stain your favourite mug.

Thankfully, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have found the ultimate hack for busting tea stains.

And it costs a mere 12p a pop.

Posting in the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, die-hard Hinchers shared their simple but effective tip.

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All your stained mugs need is a bit of dishwashing powder and boiling water

In a post, one woman asked: "Does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean the tea stains from the inside of my flask please? 

“I have tried baking powder & a soft brush, but made no difference.”

People quickly flocked to the comments to recommend dishwasher tablets and powder.

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Most kept their answers short and simple, but one woman took her advice one step further.

She penned: "I use dishwashing powder in mugs with hot water and leave overnight so that should work for your flask too."

What makes the hack so affordable is being able to ration out your dishwashing powder or purchasing supermarket own-brand tablets.

Another suggestion for making your grubby mugs sparkling again was bleach.

One homemaker said: "Bleach – it's in lots of the cleaning & sterilising agents that work effectively. 

“A fairly mild dilution left overnight should do it."

Mrs Hinch is Sophie Hinchliffe's Instagram alias and she runs the popular Instagram account @mrshinchhome.

Her tips on how to make cleaning fun, and pictures of her immaculately decorated home, became a hit with fans.

Their hunger for more has seen the mum-of-two rise to fame and gain millions of followers across her social media channels.

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