Mrs Hinch prepares hospital bag with bargains from Amazon ahead of the birth of her second baby

FORGET baby brain, Mrs Hinch has never been more organised when it comes to giving birth and she's put together a hospital bag of bargains ahead of her little one arriving.

The cleanfluencer, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, is due to give birth to her second child any minute, so naturally she's been busy snapping up budget-friendly items for her hospital bag.

Prepping for her stay in hospital when she goes into labour, Mrs Hinch expertly organised her bag while showing off its contents with fans on Instagram.

Everything was neatly packed away and labelled into different clear shoe bags she had snapped up online for just over £1 each from Amazon (set of 12 from £12.99).

Not surprisingly, Mrs Hinch had thought of almost everything, from a bag of sanitary items to an empty bag for dirty laundry and an outfit for heading home.

Her hospital bag included flip flops and miniature toiletries for showering, a waffle dressing gown and slippers set from Amazon and her Mrs Hinch sleep tee from her range at Tesco.

She divvied up her toiletries in mini bottles from her Amazon haul and stocked up onpocket mirror (£1), toothbrush and holder (£2) and travel and laundry bags (£2) from Flying Tiger.

"I bought these travel and laundry bags, I'm going to use these in my hospital bag for like dirty washing or toiletries – something like that, but I really like them," she told fans in an earlier video.

Going through the bits she'd snapped up from her store trip to Flying Tiger, she added: "I bought a travel mirror for the hospital bag, with a toothbrush and a little toothbrush case to go in my bag."

Her hospital bag was a stylish travel tote she picked up from eBay for £21 and, after organising and labelling everything in her shoe bags, she stashed them all together inside her tote.

With her bag complete, she left it ready and waiting by the door with a similar bag she'd put together for her new arrival.

Mrs Hinch is expecting another boy and getting a little emotional over her hospital prep, she wrote: "Put our bags together. We've got this baby boy. Let's do this."

She and husband Jamie Hinchcliffe are already parents to one-year-old son Ronnie.

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