Mrs Hinch reveals exact method to getting her bathroom sparkling using eBay SOCKS & powder toilet cleaner

MRS Hinch has revealed her exact method to a sparkling bathroom, including the products she swears by.

The cleanfluencer has been quiet on Instagram of late, since welcoming her second baby in May.

But she shared some new tips on her stories yesterday, including her surprising use for eBay SOCKS.

Explaining her process, Sophie Hinchliffe, 31, said: "Yes I'm aware my shower tray is grimey but… sh*t happens".

She also listed her shower cleaning essentials – eBay silicone socks (£4.04 – buy here), which she wears to protect her feet.

She also used her beloved Pink Stuff (£1, Wilko – buy here) and Scrub Daddy (£5.99, Amazon – buy here).

She said: "I use a cream/paste cleaner for stained/marked shower trays with a non scratch sponge like a scrub daddy! It lifts the lot!"

After scrubbing, she rinses the paste away with the shower head and puts Zoflora Springtime concentrated disinfectant (£3.99, Savers – buy here) down the drain.

She then used Unibond (£6, Amazon – buy here) to re-grout any tiles which need a lift, describing the job as "so satisfying".

Finally, Mrs Hinch used Dr Beckmann's power-foaming toilet cleaner (£3, Poundshop – buy here).

She said: "Last but not least the toilet. I love the @drbeckmann powders. "

Mrs Hinch simply threw a packet of Dr Beckmann down the loo, before scrubbing with a toilet brush, which makes it all fizz up.

Showing off the finished job, she raved: "I'm so pleased the ensuite is done! I planned on doing the bathroom too but this has taken me so long".

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