Mum asks whether to tell pal her baby's name is ‘ridiculous’ & people are very torn

A MUM has asked whether to tell her friend she thinks her baby's name is "ridiculous" and people are very torn.

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman revealed her pal has recently given birth and announced the name in a WhatsApp group.

She added: "It’s very unusual. Personally, I don’t like it. To be honest, I more than don’t like it and think it’s a ridiculous thing to call a child.

"We all congratulated her and said he’s gorgeous (which he is!) etc but none of us have passed comment on the name.

"She’s messaged me separately asking if the name is a bit much. AIBU (am I being unreasonable) to tell her the truth, gently?"

The mum later added: "The name is Navy-Lee. Very common surname – think Smith or Jones."

And the dilemma has divided mums, with some advising the poster to mind her own business.

One said: "I’d just respond equivocally and keep well out of it."

While a second wrote: "I think generally if she’s announced it then there has been a decision between her and her partner that needs to be respected".

And a third said: "Just tell her you love the name!"

Some even said they were fans of the name, writing: "It’s a fine name. Kind of like a brooding literary minded underwear model."

But others said the name was too awful to gloss over.

One mum said: "What a terrible name. If she’s asked you your opinion I’d tell her the truth."

While another mum commented: "She asked, so I think you can tell her in a nice way that it's f***ing awful."

A third mum wrote: "What a stupid name to give a poor child. It will be teased all of its life."

And a fourth joked: "I keep hearing it in my mind as 'Navally'."

One mum said: "It is a stupid name and he is going to change it as soon as he is able.

"Seeing as she has privately asked for your honest opinion, I would be inclined to share it in this occasion."

Others advised the mum to be tactful and simply tell her pal the name was "bold", "unusual" or "not my cup of tea".

One said: "I think I would reply saying ‘why are you asking, are you having second thoughts?’

"If you think she is starting to have second thoughts I would be tempted to tell her the truth."

And another said: "It’s not great. I’d just say it’s not your cup of tea, but that it’s her and her husbands decision.

"One of my friends called her second child something really awful and had to change it a year down the line when she’d come to her senses."

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