Mum claims £2.99 laundry basket is the secret to stopping kids getting bored & is praised for her ‘brilliant’ hack

WE all know how hard it can be to keep tots entertained, and it’s easy to spend hundreds on toys.

This mum, however, says that she uses a £2.99 laundry basket to keep her baby entertained – and she uses it three different ways to keep it interesting.

Instagram influencer Sarah Rich shared a video showing how she does it and commenters can’t get enough of her super simple mum hack.

Her first laundry basket hack involves turning the basket into a sort of playpen for her tot.

Sarah simply puts a few colourful balls into the basket and adds a teddy bear, then she pops her baby into the basket.

This way, she can play to her heart’s content – without her mum worrying about her crawling off anywhere.

Next, Sarah shows how the basket can be used for some mother-daughter playtime, popping her baby into the basket and pushing her around the room.

She just pops a cushion into the basket to make sure baby is comfortable, and then keeps her daughter entertained by zooming her around the room. 

The third and final hack shows the laundry basket used as a super comfy cubby for baby.

Sarah sets up the basket with a cushion, lines it with a blanket, and then drapes a blanket over her baby for a cosy movie night.

Commenters absolutely love the simple and affordable mum hacks.

“Love this idea!”, enthused one viewer, while a second said: “Great fun.”

Some had already tried the hack, and they loved it.

“Cute. Ours often think it’s a car as well. But got to admit it’s rarely empty of clothes”, confessed one mum.

A second wrote: “Haha I used to do this!”

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