Mum completely removes permanent marker from her white door using hairspray – after toddler son scribbles all over it

A SHARPIE in the hand of a toddler will NEVER end well, and, unfortunately, one mum found out the hard way.

The Australian mum was shocked to discover that her two-year-old son had gone to town on her crisp white door and had completely covered it in black permanent marker.

But, to her surprise, she was able to get it looking new again using nothing more than hairspray and a cloth.

She shared the result on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, leaving onlookers amazed.

She shared before and after snaps and a video showing the cleaning hack in action – proving it takes just minutes to do.

She wrote: "My 2yo son got into a permanent marker. I didnt have a chance to clean it until today so its been on the door for almost a week. Hairspray for the win."

"Wow never knew about hairspray," one person wrote, and another called it "impressive".

Meanwhile,one mum joked: "My kid goes in the bin if this was my door."

One person even suggested using hairspray for other cleaning tasks, too.

She said: " Hair spray is amazing! Gets hair dye out of clothes if you spray it let it dry then wash as normal."

And another said: "Hairspray…the quiet achiever."

The same method works on your sofa, too, with one mum showing off her incredible results.

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