Mum left in stitches by daughter's passive aggressive note complaining about being told to wash

A MUM was left in hysterics after her seven-year-old daughter left her a passive aggressive note complaining about being told to wash.

The woman had asked her girl to switch off her Disney movie to wash ready for bed – and the youngster was left very unimpressed. 

The mum shared the complaint letter online which had cartoon drawings alongside it. 

The note said: “To Mum, I see you want me to wash but I truly want to watch Moana so we can finish it and you will get to know how it ends because it is truly [blank]. 

“I should not tell you so you will be able to find out how it ends but I would not want to dispoint you so I will wash."

To truly illustrate her sadness, the girl had drawn two figures next to the letter, with one showing an unhappy face.

Next to the sad person, the girl had written “How I am feeling”.

The second figure had a happy face, with the text “Not how I am feeling” next to it. 

The mum said her daughter lets her know she is unhappy with her standards of parenting by leaving similar complaint notes each time she is annoyed.

Posting a photo of the passive-aggressive note on Reddit, the mum wrote: “Whenever our daughter disagrees with a parental decision, we receive these passive aggressive cards”.

Many people were amused at the girl’s note, with one writing: "Her email game at work is going to be fierce."

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