Mum-of-five creates a ‘fearless folder’ with a clever checklist for her family in case she dies unexpectedly

A MUM-of-five has come up with a clever way to ensure her loved ones are safe and secure in the event of her death, inventing a 'fearless folder' with instructions on what to do.

The Australian woman, known only as Deidre, made the folder to help her family know exactly what to do if she gets seriously hurt or dies unexpectedly – providing the answers to the important questions asked at the difficult time.

Revealing she keeps the documents in a special fireproof safe, Deidre wrote in the Facebook group Mums Who Budget & Save: "I'ts about preparing for the worst so your family is financially protected.

"You can be perfectly healthy one minute and then be incapacitated the next."

She printed off a page from 'The Barefoot Investor for Families' by author Scott Pape, which details the 'fearless answers' her family and husband will need in the event of an emergency.

Alongside the checklist, she keeps both her and her husband's wills, power of attorney, birth certificates, marriage certificates, property paperwork and passports in the safe.

The safe also includes instructions on what Deidre wants at her funeral, such as the music and burial, and details of her financial planner, lawyer and accountant.

In another set of notes, titled the 'Big List', the mum put together the passwords and details for all her social media and bank accounts, as well as details of her life insurance policy.

She started her 'fearless folder' after falling over and breaking her wrist last year, realising that she was lucky she didn't bang her head or come home with severe injuries.

"It begged the question, what happens to my family if something serious were to happen to me?" she wrote online.

"In the case of my broken wrist, our income was seriously impacted as my husband had to take time off work to look after the children while my wrist healed," she added.
"I'm the main financial organiser in my family, so if anything happened to me, figuring out all this stuff would be very tough for my husband – and sorting out a financial nightmare is the last thing a grieving person needs."

Deidre completed the safe by adding letters to her husband and five children, which she hopes will remind them she loves them, even if she doesn't get a final chance to say so.

"Just in case my death was sudden, I have a chance to tell them how much I love them and how special they are to me," she concluded.

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