Mum reveals her foolproof hack for keeping her toddler in bed – but others say it's 'evil'

MOST parents will know that keeping a toddler in bed all night is no easy feat, however, one mum has come up with a foolproof way to keep her kids from getting up.

TikTok user Taylor recently shared her ‘evil genius’ sleep hack which has divided opinion among mums.

Sharing her hack in a recent video she simply places a life size plastic goose outside her son’s bedroom door, admitting that her boy is so terrified of said goose he refuses to leave.

Taylor then captures her son’s horrified reaction as he opens the door to discover the goose when he attempts to come out after being put to bed, immediately slamming the door.

The video has since gone viral, receiving over 1.3 million views with many agreeing that it was ‘cruel’ of the mum, but admitting they would try it themselves.

"You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for goose on the loose," commented one.

"That is so fowl," said another, while a third added, "That's a terrible thing to do to your kids! And also… why didn't I think of this?"

Another wrote: "This is so mean… Where did you get it?"

"Evil… Genius,” commented another amused follower.

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