Mum shares nifty hack for saving the crusts from your fussy kids’ sandwiches & it will save you cash

A MUM has shared her nifty hack for re-using the crusts from fussy kids’ sandwiches – and her tip will end up saving you money.

It’s common knowledge that kids often dislike the crusts, which parents usually finish off or they end up in the bin. 

But one thrifty parent came up with a simple way to save them, which she dubbed her ‘mum hack’. 

She shared her idea to Facebook group Lunchbox Ideas Australia, where she’s been hailed as a ‘genius’.

The mum wrote: “This isn't healthy and it's not about what to pack in lunchbox… but it is about making use of the sandwich crusts u make for lunches.

“If your kids are like mine and want the crusts cut off their sandwiches…. and you are sick of wasting crusts… then I've got a hack for you!

“Cut the crusts off, and chuck them in a zip loc bag straight in the freezer. 

“Once u have a bag full, defrost and dip then into french toast mix and cook. 

“You end up with yummy french toast chips for a sunday breakfast that the kids suddenly love! 

It is about making use of the sandwich crusts you make for lunches

“We are allowed egg at our school but this might not be a school snack if your school doesn't allow it.” 

More than 1,000 people have liked the post, as parents raved about her idea, claiming they were going to copy it themselves. 

One mum wrote: “This is about to change my life. And my waist line.”

Another parent said: “Great idea and yum… nothing unhealthy about that if you shallow fry with a decent oil!!!

A third commented: “Love this! Sometimes I make croutons for caesar salads.”

This mum reckoned: “What a great idea! Thanks for sharing."

Someone else thought: “This is mind blowing! Thank you.”

While this mum added: “OMG you are a genius!!! Literally the only time my kid eats crust is when it’s French toast!! Absolutely brilliant, thank you!!”

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