Mum’s clever doorbell trick means she never has to call her kids down for dinner again

MANY parents can relate to the struggle of having to call their kids to come downstairs for dinner.

But a savvy mum has been praised for her clever doorbell trick, which means she never has to shout again.

TikTok mum Laurie, who posts under @boo_you_laur, uploaded a video showing off her home hack.

She added the caption: “10/10 recommend for all parents” and wrote: “No more yelling for your goblins to come downstairs”.

Laurie showed how she has installed doorbells on the fridge for each of her children’s rooms.

All she has to do to get their attention is press the button from downstairs to let them know they have to come down for food.

Many people were seriously impressed by her trick, and it has racked up 2.8million likes. 

One person commented: “I want that.”

Another added: “Genius.”

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