Mum’s clever hack means you can open even the toughest jar in seconds

IT'S something that's so hard, there have even been special tools created just to help with it.

But you don't need a special gripper to get tough jars open – all you need is an elastic band.

That's the clever hack one mum has come up with, and shared on her TikTok page.

In the video, mum-of-four Lauren explained: "This is literally the best mum hack.

"If you have a jar you can’t open, just get a rubber band, wrap it around the lid and then you can open it. Voila!"

The video was quickly met with appreciative comments from grateful viewers.

"Tell me you aren’t the best mum, but not only that, you have the best life hacks," one person wrote.

"I’m going to tell my mum about this," another added, while someone else commented, "Who needs school when we have you?"

"Such a great tip," another person gushed, to which Lauren replied: "Thanks! I was so excited it worked!"

Lauren has earned herself thousands of fans on TikTok with her clever hacks and family updates.

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