Mum’s Grinch prank on kids totally backfires as people slam her for ‘traumatising her children’ | The Sun

A MUM has been accused of 'traumatising' her kids after sending the Grinch to steal their Christmas.

The video, posted to TikTok shows the Grinch marching into their house to take away their presents as the children sit on the sofa.

The TikTok video soon went viral with over 31 million views, and comments poured in saying the parents had caused 'trauma.'

In the short clip, the Grinch walked in wearing a red Santa clause coat and a bin bag.

As soon as he walked into the house, one of the young boys started to cry as he sits on the sofa anticipating his Christmas presents being snatched from him.

The mean Grinch stared both boys directly in the eyes as he slowly walked toward the tree where the presents were nestled underneath.


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But the other child was clearly not prepared to go down without a fight as he chucked a cushion at the notorious Christmas hater.

He then jumped off the sofa and began to get into a battle of fisticuffs with the notorious character.

The scuffle continued with the child attempting to punch, kick, and push the Grinch away from his stash of presents.

But dad quickly comes onto the scene to hold the boy back and the Grinch managed to grab a few presents before being chased out again by the fiery young boy.

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Before the Grinch could get out of the house both children began screaming at him as he made off with their presents.

The video has garnered a mixed reaction from viewers, some were horrified while others praised the young boy for fighting for his presents.

One wrote: "What did you get your kids for Christmas? Trauma…. I traumatised them."

A second person commented: "Emotional Damage."

A third penned: "A true core memory of childhood trauma."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I know this is a prank. but I could never do this to any of mine. It would break my heart to see them so traumatised."

Another person joked: "Bro is the man of the house."

While a fifth added: "His fight or flight really kicked in."

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