Mum’s laundry warning after wasp gets caught in clothes and stings her daughter

A MUM has warned parents of trapping wasps inside laundry hung outside after her daughter was badly stung.

Sabrina Rigby said she had placed her six-year-old daughter Kathleen’s clothes out in the sun and the insect had crawled inside. 

She wrote on Facebook: “WARNING. Check your laundry!

“I hung the girls clothes on the line outside the day before yesterday.

“This queen wasp has emerged from hibernation and gotten caught up in the clothes. The clothes which I then bagged and left in the girls room to be packed away.

“I didn't know she was there until this morning, when she managed to wriggle her way out of the bag and sting Kathleen.”

Sabrina said her daughter is thankfully OK and not allergic to wasp stings like she is. 

She added: “But you can bet I'll be checking all my laundry from now on!

“I'll say I assume it's a queen given its size and the shape of it's back end. I may be wrong.”

Many people were quick to thank her for her advice and said they would be careful to check items brought inside.

One wrote: “I love hanging out washing but the insects really put me off!!!!!”

Another added: “Yep I’m not sleeping tonight now! Terrified of them and pile of freshly dried clothes in room with me.”

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