My friend got engaged at my wedding and even used my snapper to take engagement photos | The Sun

A DISMAYED bride has described how one of her good friends wrecked their friendship after she got engaged at her wedding, and used her photographer to take snaps of her engagement.

On her Facebook page, Charlotte Dobre read the testament of the bride, who did not mince her words.

"I got married last fall. Where I live, fall means three trees are changing colours. So the wedding pictures are to die for," the bride explained.

"We didn't have a huge budget so a friend of mine asked her friend if she could do it for me. I had seen some of her work and she is really talented plus she is a total sweetheart."

Because the snapper is not a professional and charges little for the job, the bride said "you'll get your pictures when you get them. Well I got them."

A few days after her wedding, her friend announced that she was engaged.


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"I was ecstatic and wanted to know everything. Turn out she got engaged at my wedding," the bride recalled.

"My brain gets out of its vegetative state and I remember her table being way too excited at some point but I blamed the a******."

She continued: "I wasn't thrilled about it, realising then that she had basically not only gotten engaged at my wedding , but instead of hiding it and announcing it later, she announced it to our friends during the party."

The bride decided to let the situation go, and move on.

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"We had a discussion about it and she didn't seem to understand why I was upset until I put it into perspective for her asking her how she would feel if I made a big announcement at her wedding, taking the attention away from her big moment.

"In my friend's mind, it's no longer the day I got married it's now also the day she got engaged. On my dime. We eventually turned the page and I thought it was over."

But the bridge was about to discover something worse.

During the evening, the wedding party took a break to get change during which time the photographer was taking pictures of the foliage and the venue.

"My friend apparently asked her to take pictures of her and her boyfriend. She didn't really see a problem since we weren't back yet and they were guests.

"That's until she realised they were engagement pictures. Some poses just don't leave place to imagination."

In an act of vengeance, the bride is refusing to hand over the engagement photos to her former friend.

"My friend has been asking about my wedding pictures periodically but hasn't asked about her pictures specifically," she explained.

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