My husband and I chose a unique baby name based on our 'love of grammar' – people say it sounds like a grocery store | The Sun

A COUPLE shared their baby’s name on Reddit hoping that users would appreciate its uniqueness.

The public, however, didn’t like it as much as they thought they would.

Posting anonymously to a mom-based Reddit group, the woman explained the reason behind the moniker for their little one.

“We chose Alphabeta Silver and plan on calling her Betty for short,” she wrote.

Why the strange choice?

“We both love grammar and literature, and we instantly agreed when we heard the name.”

The woman said that her mother-in-law, however, wasn’t a fan.

“[She] is giving me so much grief over it.”

Still, the couple wasn’t going to let her opinion change their plans.

“My mother-in-law isn’t going to make any more choices for us. She has controlled everything, from our engagement photos to our wedding day, and this is where I draw the line!”

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Looking for an outsider’s opinion, she asked Reddit users to “be honest” with her and share their thoughts on the name.

Unfortunately, they weren’t on her side.

“For loving grammar and literature so much, they really don’t have much of an imagination if all they came up with was to name their kid Alphabet,” one person wrote.

“Seriously. If you want to show a love of literature, there are so many options. Character names, author names, place names, etc.” another advised.

“Literally Grammar would be a better name,” a third chimed in.

One person noted that it sparked a memory: "I’m not the only one old enough to remember the Alphabeta grocery store from the 80s, right?"

A fifth agreed with the mother-in-law: “Honestly, if my son has kids and wants to call his kid ‘Alphabeta Silver,’ I would probably give him and his partner some grief too.”

Others thought the parent’s interests were a bit boring:

“We both love grammar…?” one person wrote.

And another created an imaginary scenario of what the couple was like: “What is there to enjoy here? I get literature. But grammar is such a bizarre intro to their list of interests.

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“Do they sit around and mark Facebook posts they have printed off together? Is there a whiteboard in the living room where they try to trip one another up with a misplaced comma?

“Do they have a lifetime subscription to Grammarly? Are there games dedicated to this? Or do they collect English workbooks that they line their bookshelves with?”

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