My mum catfished my now-husband on Hinge after brutal break-up with my ex

AT some point or another, you're probably going to date someone your mum disapproves of – it's pretty much a rite of passage.

But rather than standing idly by while her daughter dated the wrong kind of guys, Chloe's mum decided to take matters into her own hands.

In a series of viral TikTok videos, the former actress explained how her mother took charge of her love life after a particularly brutal break-up.

Chloe said: "This is the story of how my VERY Jewish mother catfished my now British husband on a dating app […]

"What I mean by that is, if you were a single Jewish boy living in New York City or Los Angeles about three or four years ago and were on [Hinge, Bumble, Raya, JSwipe and The League], there is a very strong possibility that you had a relatively spicy conversation with this woman.

"[She's] my mother and she was pretending to me on every single dating app in existence."


If noughties rom-coms have taught us anything, it's that this is the kind of thing the controlling yet lovable mum does behind her daughter's back – but Chloe actually gave her mother her total blessing.

She added: "I was fully aware of the situation which is why I feel like I need to tell you guys the back story of how we got to here so you can fully understand the tragic mental state I must have been in."

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Just before her mum got involved, Chloe had been dating the "wannabe musician/waiter" who lived upstairs from her flat in Manhattan.

In order to save money, Chloe moved into his place and the pair put her flat on AirBnB so she could "pursue her non-existent theatre career without having to work in a bar".

She explained: "This relationship started going super south and fast because my boyfriend refused to tell my brother – who we LIVED with – that we were doing this whole thing."

So naturally, he started getting pretty annoyed Chloe was always there.

She continued: "There was all this tension and then one night I came home to find all my stuff had been pulled out of the closets and the brother standing in the living room.

My mother was pretending to me on every single dating app in existence.

"He then proceeded to break up with me for my boyfriend – who was hiding upstairs in his brother's room."

Understandably, Chloe got out of there as fast as she could and stayed at a hotel down the road.

"I was now so humiliated and heartbroken," she added. "And on top of all that, my thriving AirBnB business was now not going to work anymore so I had to go back to working in a bar which I was terrible at."

Like anyone in that situation, Chloe called her parents for emotional support – and that's when her mum, who hadn't been a fan of the boyfriend, offered to lend a helping hand on dating apps.

In a separate video, Chloe revealed how her mum would chat to the guys and she would then take her pick of who she liked.

In other words, this arrangement took some of the tedious small talk out of dating.

Amazingly, Chloe claims this is actually how she met her now HUSBAND.

And although she didn't reveal quite how she broke the news to him, he (luckily) didn't find it too weird that he'd been chatting to her mother beforehand.

In a viral video that's racked up over 57,000 "likes", Chloe wrote: "[Point of view:] When your Jewish mother catfished your British husband three years ago and now you're spending Christmas in central London…"

"This would be a great rom-com," one viewer replied.

Another added: "Can your mom do this for me too?"

"Obsessed with this story," a third wrote. "Is your mom taking clients??"

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