My neighbour hates my Christmas doormat so much he keeps taking drastic action – it's basically become a war now | The Sun

SHE wanted to inject some Christmas cheer into her apartment building, so decided to put a festive mat outside her front door.

But one woman quickly found out that the man who lives opposite isn't a fan of holiday happiness.

In a clip, shared to TikTok, the woman was seen holding up the doormat – which said "Merry Christmas" and featured three penguins holding hands – before putting it by her door.

She then closed her door, and her doorbell camera later caught her elderly neighbour coming to inspect the mat.

After looking closely at it, he was seen bending down, and then walking back to his apartment.

When the woman opened the door, she found that he'd turned the mat over – so the plain black rubber backing was the only thing that could be seen.

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"He's at it already… this man is The Grinch!" was written over the video.

The woman then turned the mat back over, so the Christmas design was facing up, and stuck her finger up at the door opposite.

"our neighbour hates our christmas doormat…," the video caption read.

People quickly took to the comments section to share their suggestions for how to deal with the situation, with one writing: "Glue another mat to the underside so when he flips it it's the same."

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"I’d decorate the entire door, garlands,lights and all. Get some of that mega strong rug tape," another added.

"Time to get some tinsel," a third commented.

As someone else wrote: "I would have a tree up and lights and tinsel and a wreath and over the top!!!!

"He doesn’t have to like it but doesn’t need to touch your property."

"It’s a door mat jeeeeezzzz he must be sooooo bored bah humbug," another added.

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