Netflix's You fan recreates Joe Goldberg and his glass cage on Sims and it’s seriously creepy

GROWING up most of us will have created Sims families and built our dream mansions, making our characters die or fall in love. 

It was the ultimate virtual reality game, and now one person has used it to recreate every aspect of Netflix’s chilling series You. 

A superfan has made all the characters from the cult show – even Paco and Dr Nicky – as well as Joe’s love interests Guinevere Beck, Love Quinn and Candace Stone. 

But she didn’t stop there, as she built the creepy glass cage Joe uses to imprison his victims before killing them. 

She shared her spot-on characters to Facebook, saying: “Normal people my age: Married, having children, buying a house, going on flights across the world, etc.

“Me: I’m bored so I’m gonna make Joe Goldberg my neighbor on the sims.” 

She spared no effort when making the main characters, giving them personality traits which match their personas, with Love a foodie, Beck an avid reader and Candace plain evil. 

And she even made Joe a giant NASA-esque telescope as a tongue-in-cheek reference to all his spying.

Staying true to the show, she even killed off Beck (again), making her a ghost haunting the Sims version of Joe.  

But it seems the show has rubbed off on her in other ways, as she added sinister captions to her photos.

She wrote: “Hey you… I see you looking through my pics… laughing at your phone…well not really laughing, just maybe a small grin and a bit of air coming out of your nose…

“But on the inside, you’re laughing…I get it…I get you…I knew you’d like my pics…I knew you’d want to show your friends.

“Luckily, I made it public so you can share…I did it for you…” 

Her post has racked up more than 35,000 likes, as people couldn’t believe her attention to detail.

Commenting on the post one person raved: “This is brilliant.”

Another wrote: “Look how accurate some of these sims are.”

A third declared: “I’m buying the sims.”

This person was impressed, saying: “Damn girl you did him spot on.”

And someone else noted: “At least he put a toilet in there!!! Upgrade.” 

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