Parents slam me for the words I use around my son but they’re words everyone uses and he knows the boundaries | The Sun

A MUM has defended herself for swearing in front of her son, insisting it's better for him to know the words and their meanings than to not.

She had taken to TikTok a few weeks ago to share a video of herself and her son after they were involved in an incident in Burger King.

In the video, she was seen holding her son's hand, and swore loudly as she said: "What the f**k?"

The clip caused backlash from some, one of whom wrote: "Swearing around your child though", alongside confused-looking emojis.

The mum then responded in another video, as she explained: "People moan and point this out all the time, but let me tell you my approach to it.

"Watch this, ready."

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She then told her son to "say f**k".

To which he said: "No, that's a naughty word".

"He knows all the naughty words, don’t you mate, and he knows he’s not allowed to say them," she continued.

"There’s no point pretending these words don’t exist around my child.

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"He’s going to hear them one day anyway and if he hears them and doesn’t know what they mean he’s more likely going to say them, isn’t he?

"Now he knows all of them and he knows the appropriate age to say them, which is when he’s older, and hopefully the appropriate times."

And the majority of people in the comments section praised the mother for being so honest around her son.

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"It creates so much honesty and trust between parent and child. Not pushing them out of our world," one wrote.

"Can we normalise swearing around our kids!!!! I have potty mouth I can’t help it," another added.

While a third commented: "This is a great approach, definitely going to try this with my son!"

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"THIS!!!" someone else said. "It makes me so mad when parents hide things from their children??

"They’re gonna learn curse words at some point anyway."

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