Peloton Just Launched Apparel for Every Type of Workout

It’s hard to think of at-home workouts (and home gym setups, for that matter) without Peloton coming to mind. The fitness brand has not only made a name for itself with its instructors—who often have a cult following of their own—but also with its enthusiastic fitness community, built on the virtually endless number of workout classes it offers. But now, Peloton is taking it one step further with its brand-new clothing line: Peloton Apparel.

The brand behind some of the most popular fitness content out there debuts its new apparel line with a collection of stylish workout essentials. Think, core pieces like performance T-shirts, shorts, hoodies, crewnecks, sweatpants and accessories—all designed to take you from a workout to a walk outside without skipping a beat. Plus, items in the collection, which range from $15 to $118, are made with unique-to-Peloton-Apparel fabrics that’ll give you everything from compressive performance to loungewear. Try them out and see how you like ’em. When you realize you can’t get enough, you can look forward to new colorways with every drop.

In case you were wondering how these will hold up during those sweat sessions (and beyond), Peloton instructors, community members and other workout enthusiasts tested each piece out through a variety of workouts. So, in other words, there’s no doubt these pieces will get through the most intense Peloton sessions.

Ready to add another layer to your Peloton world? Head to Peloton’s website to see the full collection for yourself.

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