People are leaving bad reviews for Yankee Candle not realising there's a VERY obvious reason they 'have no smell'

OTHER than the millions of options you have to choose from, the thing we LOVE most about Yankee Candle is just how strong the scents are – seriously, you can usually smell them from the other side of the house.

But recently, Amazon shoppers have been left fuming after the candles they ordered online "didn't smell of anything" – before realising the VERY obvious reason why.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @drewtoothpaste shared some of the negative reviews that had been left for a variety of Yankee Candle products on Amazon.

"Normally this is a very good product," one replied. "Don't know if it was on sale because it was defective."

"This candle had no scent when lit," another raged. "I'm very disappointed."

Giving it a one-star review, a third simply wrote: "No scent."


The podcast host, from Ohio, captioned his post: "Fresh wave of bad reviews for Yankee Candle."

That said, the post sparked Nick Beauchamp's curiosity and inspired him to create a series of graphs showing how this complaint has increased as Covid cases rise.

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In his first graph, the assistant professor in political science at Northeaster University shared a plot for the "no smell" complaints for Yankee Candles' top three bestsellers over the past two years.

As well as a dry cough and loss of taste, the other main symptom of Covid is not being able to smell – so Nick is suggesting that the virus is to blame rather than an actual problem with the candles.

In January 2021, there was sharp spike of people complaining that their candles didn't smell – at a time when there was an average of 225k new cases in the US everyday.

What's more, there has been an even greater spike in December this year.

He wrote: "Here's a plot of the "no smell" complaints for the top three Yankee Candles on Amazon.

"Instead of counts, here's the percentage of reviews with "no smell." It shows the same pattern, though it's less dramatic since some of the count spike is due to an overall rise in sales and reviews each winter."

That said, the expert urged people to take the findings with a pinch of salt too.

He added: "I wouldn't take this too seriously. Even looking at percentages, there seems to be a seasonal surge in "no smell" each winter.

"The recent Covid surges are larger, and the first wave is possibly visible as well, but this is also sensitive to how you smooth the data."

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