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A WOMAN has divided opinions on social media after revealing that she only showers once or twice a week.

The 27-year-old from Boston, United States, named Allison, who posts on TikTok under the username @abmccarthy5757, revealed that she only showers when she wants to wash her hair, which is often just twice a week.

The woman thought that this was totally normal, but took to the video sharing platform to see what other people thought.

She posted her clip with the caption ‘Am I gross yes or no’.

The young woman said: “So I’ve recently found out that I am in fact a gross human being and this is because, most girls, when they say that they wash their hair twice a week, they literally mean wash their hair, and they shower every day.

“I only shower once or twice a week. 

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“I’ve gone five days without showering before.

“Because if I’m getting in the shower, I’m going to wash my hair.

“Why would I get in the shower and not wash my hair?

“But I don’t want to wash my hair every day.

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“I’ve had to start saying that I wash my hair twice a week – but I only shower twice a week.” 

Allison’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 6.1million views.

It has 823.6k likes, 36.8k comments and 19.4k shares.

Social media users were left divided at Allison’s revelation – while many agreed that they too do not shower every day, others were disgusted that many leave it a few days before having a shower. 

One person said: “Yuppp. showering feels like such a chore.” 

Another added: “I’ve been there and I do it too, if I’m not dirty I’m not showering. If my hair is dirty then I’m showering.” 

A third commented: “Showering is the bane of my existence. I will not be doing it more than 2 times a week.” 

Meanwhile, many other TikTok users thought it was disgusting that Allison doesn’t shower everyday and many were shocked that she was being genuine in her claims. 

One user noted: “I CANNOT go 24 hours without showering. I refuse to believe this is real.”

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A second agreed: “Jesus christ…is this actually real.”

Someone else posted: “Nooooooo how do you sleep feeling so grimey from the outside???? No!!!”

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