Peppa Pig launches her debut album today – and it’s set to be more catchy than Baby Shark

PEPPA Pig has just launched her first album – and if it's possible, it's set to become even more popular than Baby Shark.

The much-loved cartoon pig has released a 16-track record – titled, My First Album.

Tracks include Bing Bong Zoo, Super Potato’s Theme, and Jumping In Muddy Puddles, with the voice of Peppa, Harley Bird, featuring on a number of singles.

The album includes a number of well-known songs as well as some fresh new hits and has been released as part of the 15th anniversary of the show.

With Baby Shark being one of the top 10 most-viewed videos on YouTube ever – and with the makers currently developing a TV series – it will certainly be hard to beat.

But, parents are already taking to social media to discuss Peppa's new album, with one tweeting: "Lots of laughs and happy kids listening to this in the car this morning!"

Another wrote: "[The] music industry is shaking."

While another joked: "Peppa pig is about to win all the Grammys" and others called it "the hottest album of 2019".

You can listen to Peppa's full album here – but be warned, it's pretty addictive.

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