Professional cleaner reveals the budget item that'll keep your home spotless & it means using less cleaning products too

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed the one budget item you need in your home which will keep the entire place spotless.

Kacie, who runs The Big Clean Co in Melbourne,says investing in some microfiber clothes for your glass and mirrors will give you the best results, and it means using less product also.

The best part is that you can pick them up for super cheap with Kacie bagging hers from the Australian bargain shop Kmart.

She got hers in the auto section, as they're commonly used for cars, and they're better than the fluffy cloths found in the cleaning section.

Kacie uses the cloth in clients' homes and she says it gives her a "smooth finish" every single time.

She said: "Use them to clean mirrors, and do a polish of any smooth surface after a clean to leave it with an eye-catching shine."


What's more, Kacie explained that the cloths are "super durable" and last a "very long time".

"They are some of my personal favourite cloths to clean with on a budget," she said in a post in Instagram.

"They're large, so they fit around your whole hand which makes things easier. They also don't drop lint like the fluffy microfibre cloths."

"Use the right tools and you'll need fewer chemicals," she added.

Thousands of people who saw Kacie's video thanked her for sharing with many desperate to grab one for themselves.

"Thank you, that's a great tip – appreciate your time," one commenter wrote.

"This is amazing!" another added. 

Stores including Sainsbury's and Wilko sell some for cheap, but you'll be able to find one similar in many retailers.

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