Professional cleaner’s little-known trick to get your grubby shower sparkling in minutes – and NO scrubbing is needed

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed a little-known hack to get your grubby shower sparkling in minutes.

Not only does it mean no scrubbing, ever, but the method allows you to keep the area clean and free of soap scum for longer – and it's way more convenient.

The Australian cleaner from the Big Clean Co posted a video on her TikTok account and revealed that a dishmatic filled with washing up liquid will be a saviour in the bathroom.

According to her, the washing up liquid will cut through the soap scum in no time and leave your shower screen and tiles looking like new.

It's not the first time she's raved about it either, as she previously said she'll use it on EVERYTHING, and will always use it in place of bleach.

But the real trick is leaving the liquid-filled sponge in the shower, or at least close by, so you can sweep it over your shower screen after each use – or at least "every now and then".

She wrote in the caption: "Making cleaning convenient means you’ll do it more often (and that way – it becomes easier)"

And said in the clip: "Unless you have someone else to clean for you there are no hacks or tricks to make it easier.

"You need to make cleaning convenient so you do it more often and that way it becomes easier."

She rinses the the sponge under the shower to wet it before taking it to the glass and gently rubs over the area.

Then she simply washes away the soap residue leaving behind squeaky clean glass – and it couldn't be easier, really.

Many of her followers agree that washing up liquid is the best way to tackle your shower.

"I used dish soap in the bathroom for the first time yesterday and it was amazing," one woman said.

Another cleaner chimed in and said it is a "waste of money to even buy any cleaning products" – big call.

One person suggested using a "thicker liquid" to avoid it "leaking out".

Another added: "I tried this in my shower and I have never seen it so clean."

The cleaner loves using washing up liquid and has admitted it's her product of choice when it comes to general cleaning.

She'll use it on mirrors, glass and even tiles.

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