Professional organiser shares one minute duvet cover hack which is a 'total game changer' when making the bed | The Sun

EVERYONE has their own technique for changing the bed sheets, some do "the ghost" and get themselves well and truly in there, while the inside-out corner trick is a favourite in many homes.

But it seems we could all benefit from this expert's handy hack for changing the sheets.

Professional organiser Peter Walsh explained to presenter Rachael Ray how to complete the annoying task without any stress or lumps and bumps.

Peter said: "Normally it's in the corners, over the head, pull the duvet through."

Rachael said: "It's horrible, you're holding it like this, you have your husband at the other end trying to shimmy the thing down."

In order to save us from this, Peter explained that there's a far simpler method and it starts with turning the duvet cover inside out and laying it on the bed.

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Next he said to spread the duvet over the top of the cover, making sure the corners are match.

Then he began to roll up the duvet and duvet cover until you've got one long roll, pulling in as you go.

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Then, for the "tricky bit" he explained that you need to open the duvet cover and turn it inside out, while flipping in the contents of the roll.

Next you can unroll the duvet and lay it out on the bed ready for your slumber.

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People were blown away by the incredible hack.

One person said: "I have to watch this video every time I change my duvet cover. Every time, it's a whole mystery."

Another said: "This is a complete game changer, I’ve never put on a duvet cover so simply and easily before.

"10/10. Thank you so much to that guy for showing us this."

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A third said: "This helped tremendously the first time we ever used a duvet cover! Thank you so much for posting."

While another said: "Just did this in minutes with minimal struggle for the first time ever seven months pregnant, thank you!"

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