Real reason dating apps make you LESS likely to find love revealed | The Sun

USING dating apps may make finding love even harder for wannabe romantics, psychologists say.

Excessive swiping on possible matches on services like Tinder can cause a “partner choice overload” — something that serial dater Leonardo DiCaprio is probably familiar with.

It may even create a fear of ­rejection if love hunters spend too long comparing themselves to others.

Experts advise limiting the number of swipes to avoid becoming overwhelmed and getting stressed.

Psychology PhD student Marina Thomas quizzed 464 users aged from 16 to 25 about their app habits.

Potential lovebirds pick a partner by swiping right on their picture if they like them and left if they don’t.


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If both go right it’s a match and they can arrange to meet up. A third of new relationships in the UK are formed online, set to hit half by 2035.

Ms Thomas found that the biggest swipers were most likely to suffer anxiety that could put them off meeting people in the flesh.

They were more likely to compare themselves to others, or be left unable to choose between an overwhelming number of potential partners.

Ms Thomas, from the University of Vienna in Austria, said: “Swiping can get quite addictive and young people may find it hard to disengage from it.

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“Swiping too much means you might miss out on that desired spark.”

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