Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2021

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The Red Valentino girls have grown up. And it’s not a metter of age, but of self-awareness.

For pre-fall, creative director Pierpaolo Piccolo continued the journey he kicked off with the previous collection to give a new, more design-oriented positioning to the Red Valentino line.

Traditionally associated with cuteness, sweetness and whimsy, the brand now skews more contemporary, appealing and unconventional.

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2021

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While he continued leveraging on some of the brand’s iconic elements, including bows, ruffles, point d’esprit, ruffles and frills, Piccioli used them in a more eclectic, radical way, maximizing them, finding new proportions and creating strong contrasts.

“For this collection, I really wanted to convey a new sense of sensuality. The overall attitude is less innocent and delicate, more self-conscious and confident,” said the designer. “Instead of working on a sort of storytelling, this season we put more focus on the creation of bold, unique pieces, highly designed and injected with a sense of customization. This idea of uniqueness and distinctive personality, I think it is has been greatly interpreted in the images shot by Margherita Tamraz, who captured the essence of the collection with immediacy  and authenticity.”

In the images, featuring a diverse casting, cool street-ready pieces are pictured next to more romantic, chic styles. Cropped sweatshirts and hoodies were cut into dramatic silhouettes and enriched with grosgrain drawstrings and tulle ruffles. Technical elements borrowed from the world of outerwear were used to pepper knitted styles, while a range of denim pieces and jackets cut in edgy shapes, spanning from anoraks to wrap-around cabans, were enriched with maxi ruffles and bows.

With its smart balance between function and aesthetic, coolness and romanticism, this collection felt fresh, appealing and highly relevant for today’s consumers.

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