Remove stubborn grease build up on your kitchen cupboards in minutes – all you need is a packet of flour

KEEPING your kitchen looking fresh is no easy feat, especially when there’s hidden dirt in places you may never have expected.

Take your kitchen cupboards for example – while they may look pretty fresh at first glance, it turns out they can be in dire need of a scrub and we're not just talking about the inside.

One lifestyle account on Instagram, known as Blossom, floored its followers as it revealed how thick layers of stubborn grease can build up between the grooves of cupboard doors over time.

In a video, that shared several easy hacks for spring cleaning, one woman was seen running her nail along the edge of a cupboard to show the grim reality of just how bad the grease residue can get.

Luckily, there's a simple way to get rid of it and it involves an everyday household ingredient that you're more than likely to have stowed away in your cupboard.

To tackle the disgusting build up, all you need is a packet of flour.

Demonstrating how it works in the video, which has been watched over 660,000 times, the woman covers the entire cupboard face in flour, before using a piece of card to scrape off the layers of grease.

Viewers were left impressed, with one person commenting: "Whoa! That flour trick!! Excited to try that!"

Another was keen to try it out for themselves, as they wrote: "Let me just throw some flour over my cupboard doors real quick."

A third added: "How is this so gross and so satisfying at the same time."

They weren't the only one feeling a little queasy on watching the video back, as one person posted: "Omg, that greasy blob on her nail."

Another struggled to make it through the full clip, adding: "I almost vomited…"

The post also highlighted other hacks that are set to come in handy when giving your house a good once over. They included removing limescale from bathroom taps by tying a bag of vinegar around the tap and removing stubborn dirt from wooden cooking utensils using boiling water.

Another cleaning trick revealed how to melt a toothbrush with a lighter to create a make-shift scrubbing brush perfect for tackling the inner rim of a very dirty toilet bowl.

Instagram users were recently left disgusted when Mrs Hinch revealed just how dirty sink plugholes can get, as she shared her secret spoon trick that rids her kitchen sink of funky smells.

For more cleaning tricks, one woman has revealed how a 2p coin is all you need to leave the taps in your home sparkling clean.

Meanwhile, another TikTok user uncovered the five forgotten places around the house that are always in need of a good clean.

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