Savvy dad transforms messy garden full of junk into stylish barbecue zone – and he did it all using scrap

TIRED of your back garden? A savvy dad showed how he turned his messy garden full of junk into a very stylish barbecue zone.

Paul Nowak showed striking before and after photos revealing his incredible home project.

The best part of his DIY job was that it was all built from scrap wood so was done on a bargain.

Paul showed how he painted the fence grey and added an outdoor kitchen space at the back for cooking his burgers and sausages to perfection.

He also added fun menu boards and some of his favourite bottles to make it look like a bar.

Finally he added some seats for guests – and it looks like the perfect spot to hang out in the sun.

His post has clearly impressed internet users, as it has racked up nearly 10,000 likes.

One person said: “It’s fantastic! Love it.”

Another added: “Even got a dance floor.”

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