Savvy mum turns shower curtain into makeshift paddling pool to keep her son cool at the beach – The Sun

KEEPING your kids cool during the summer months is always a challenge.

And now one mum has shared her hack for keeping your kids happy on the beach – with a cheap, makeshift paddling pool.

In the clever video, a happy little lad can be seen splashing around in the water – which has been collected using an old shower curtain.

Not only will it keep the kids cool, but it also stops them getting messy in the sand.

Sharing her top tip on Facebook, the mum said: "Whoever shared the mom hack of taking a cheap shower curtain liner to the beach for a make-shift kiddie pool Is. A. Genius!

"So easy and best thing is – no deflating a sandy kiddie pool".

Commenting on the clip, which has 331,000 shares, 85,000 likes and 55,000 comments, parents raved: "plan for next hols", "Genius!!!" and "such a good idea!!"

To make one for your next day at the beach, simply dig a little hole, put the shower curtain in and fill it using sea water and a bucket.

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