Savvy woman transforms garage into swanky bar for next-to-nothing by painting used furniture & reclaiming old bits

A SAVVY mum has shown off the incredibly swanky bar she created in her home after converting her enormous garage- and she did it all herself for cheap,

Emily Barratt, has been chipping away at the old church she calls home and has been sharing the process on Instagram.

With bars and pubs closed for the foreseeable future because of lockdown in the UK, the thrifty DIY-er wanted somewhere to enjoy a drink with her husband – so created what she called "The Buzzing Bee".

Admitting the space is the second biggest room in their house, she thought it'd be perfect to use as a cosy area – now complete with luxe armchairs, a super stylish bar and an array of spirits on offer.

Although it looks super expensive, Emily revealed it was actually really cheap, and she saved a mint just by doing it all herself and using things she already had.

Sharing details on Facebook, she said: "I kept costs down by hiring a concrete grinder machine to smooth the floor, building the bar with bricks and a sleeper that I found in the garden."

What's more, the crafty mum said she painted the floor herself using a stencil, as well as the tiles around the fireplace.

She even upcycled furniture she already had – including an arm chair, which she painted to give it new life.

It goes without saying people were absolutely blown away by the incredible transformation with the post racking up over 14k likes and thousands more comments.

While many admitted they were desperate for their own trendy bar, hundreds sung the praises of Emily and complimented her skills.

"Best one yet. This is not a bar it’s a pub," one person wrote.

Equally impressed, another admitted: "I could really use a night here!! How fantastic well done."

Amazed, one person even said it "looks better than most actual bars"

While a fourth wrote: "Holy sh*t … that's bigger than my house. Well jel lol …. absolutely stunning."

Emily has been sharing pictures of her home renovation on Facebook and Instagram, where she has just over 2k followers.

While she's far from done, she's a good way through and the home so far looks stunning.

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