Shopper left horrified when their Depop order arrives and it’s so gross they slam the seller for having no common sense | The Sun

BUYING something online is usually a nice treat, but one shopper was left shocked after their order arrived in a crisp packet instead.

The Depop customer claimed their order was left in crumbs when it arrived in the dirty packet.

The seller had recycled the Jack’s Burger Bites wrapping and used it to wrap the item they bought, instead of envelope.

They even stuck the buyers address on top of the packet with a small, white piece of paper.

Not only that, but the postage label was stick on the top right of the crisp packet, as you would a normal package, leaving the buyer stunned.

The unnamed buyer and seller then got in a row over the bizarre packaging.


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The buyer said: “You sent me it in a crisp packet?

“It’s literally got crumbs and flavouring all stuck on it.

“Did you not have anything else to send it in?

“I feel like it’s just common sense to at least use something clean.”

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The seller seemed shocked at the messages they had received, and replied: “I’m sorry but what did you expect?

“This is a used clothing selling website?

“This is exactly why I refrain from selling on this silly app, people like you always have something to complain about.”

Many shoppers found humour in the exchange and slammed the seller for taking zero-waste too far.

One customer said: “Bet that smells awesome though.”

”Could have at least used a skips bag,” a second joked added.

Another shopper laughed: “Zero waste has gone too far.”

And another person quipped: “Not even Sensations.”

"Depop has just become the postman’s worst nightmare,” someone else wrote.

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