Shoppers are running to Primark for cute tumblers that come in pastel colours and cost just £3 | The Sun

EVERYONE loves a cute cup.

So it's no wonder that shoppers are running to Primark for their new tumblers, which come in pastel colours and cost just £3.

Amy took to TikTok to share a video of the cups lined up on the shelf in her local Primark – in pink, purple and turquoise.

The lidded cups also come with a matching straw.

"Run to Primark for these cups," she wrote over the video.

"No, I'm obsessed," she added in the caption, before showing her basket loaded up with the cups in every colour.

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"Starbucks cup dupe," one person commented on the video.

"I have the pink one," another wrote.

"Yesss I got one and I LOVE IT," a third added.

"I do love a sippy cup!" someone else said.

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"They do larger ones the exact same, bit of a darker pink, in B&M and it’s the size of my face!!" another wrote.

"They're so good for £3.50."

The cups are also listed on Primark's website, with the product description reading: "Whether you're chilling at home and want to avoid spillages or you're on the go, this adorable cup with its matching lid and straw are an essential for all of your cold drinks.

"Get the takeout look on the go with this reusable and ridiculously stylish cup and enjoy the extra security of a lidded cup while stepping up your outfit coordination."

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