Side sleepers are the grumpiest people in the morning, study finds

FOR most, getting a solid eight hours sleep is the key to feeling refreshed and energised for the rest of the day.

But according to one study, it's the way that you’re sleeping that could in fact be the key to how you feel when you wake up.

In a new study by mattress reviewer The Sleep Judge, 1,012 participants, ranging from ages 18-77, with 54.4 per cent females and 45.6 per cent males, answered in-depth questions about their sleeping habits – and the results were fascinating.

Firstly, it seems the respondents who sleep on their back reported having the best night’s kip and agree that they wake up feeling motivated and ready for the day.

While 40 per cent of the respondents who claim to sleep on their side or curled up in a fetal position said that they’d slept poorly and often wake up feeling a little grumpy.

The same is to be said of tummy sleepers, who proportionately woke up feeling less than satisfied with their sleep quality than those who snooze on their backs.

The study also addressed the nightmare of all relationships: sharing the sheets with somebody else each night.

According to the results, couples who sleep back to back are said to get the worst night sleep, with 37 per cent saying their quality of sleep was below average.

But it’s not all bad, because couples who slept in the ‘distant spoon position’ seemed to slumber much better, with 72 per cent reporting a refreshing sleep.

And according to the results, a couple's choice of sleeping position also directly correlates with their overall relationship satisfaction.

A massive 99 per cent of those who slept in a spoon-like state said they were happy in their relationship, compared to 85 per cent of those who slept in a back-to-back fashion.

The study also showed a link between our quality of sleep and the first thing we think about when we open our eyes.

The not-so surprising first thought for those who reported sleeping the worst was going back to sleep.

For those who were lucky enough to sleep well however, first pondered on work, with 31 per cent of men interviewed first thinking about their profession, compared to 23 per cent of women.

Millennials were the highest age bracket to also dream about their career, making it a priority before they’ve even woken up.

If you’re just a morning grump and no sleep position will help that, the study also found that 44 per cent of men and 39 per cent of women used music as a way of getting them cheery in the morning.

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