Sisters who loved baking breakfast bars have now turned their hobby into a £700k a year brand

A PAIR of baking-loving sisters have revealed how they turned their hobby into a business idea, and now rake in £700k a year from their healthy snack brand.

Sophie, 33, and Gracie Tyrrell, 31, from London, started their healthy, gluten free snack company from home in November 2015, using a single NutriBullet to make things for each other.

After sharing their recipes on their blog, the sisters decided to start up Squirrel Sisters, a healthy snack business, and they now provide over 80,000 snack bars to shops across the country.

One of the most popular recipes with their followers was a gluten free snack created with dates, cacao butter and powder, and it was this that would be the basis of their business.

After Sophie returned from working as a business development director in Singapore, she and Gracie were inspired to kick start the business.

Gracie, a professionally trained actress, told the Mail Online: "Our blog was a place for us to document our healthy an delicious discoveries and recipes, and it gained a following quickly.

"We decided to name it Squirrel Sisters, a nickname from our childhood based out on surname, Tyrrell, and as we also both love nuts."

Gracie first started making gluten free snacks for her sister, who is gluten intolerant, and found that the market for sugar-free and delicious options weren't available in the supermarket.

Taking their chances with the gap in the market, the pair found a small family-owned factory which agreed to start producing the bars on a bigger scale.

Soon they were launching in whole food supermarkets like Planet Organic as their website gained traction, as they offered their products up to food subscription boxes.

Now, the Squirrel Sister's gluten free bars can also be found in high street stores like Holland & Barrett as well as Waitrose.

They believe keeping the business in the family is key to their success, as the sisters share a vision for the business as well as complimenting each others skills.

"We get to bring our passion to life and do it together, which has been incredible," Gracie added. "We support each other through the ups and down and can be there for each other."

In the future, the pair have expansion plans in mind and Sophie is already brainstorming new and improved recipes and flavours to soon hit the shelves.

She said: "We have some really exciting ideas about new flavours, formats and even categories, but until we have proved our core range in more retailers, we are staying focused."

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