Sleep expert reveals your room should be a cool 15 degrees to get a good night’s kip – but you need to bin your foam topper – The Sun

GETTING a good night’s sleep is always harder in summer as the heat can make our bedrooms unbearably hot.

Most of us have probably tried sleeping with a fan on or the window open with varying levels of success.

But if you’re struggling to find the right temperature for a good night’s sleep, an expert has revealed how cool your room should be.

Christopher Sun, founder and CEO of My Sheets Rock, said you should ensure your bedroom is between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius to get a decent amount of kip.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Christopher said: “Research shows the best temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees [Fahrenheit], and cooling sheets are becoming more popular as more people are starting to value a good night’s sleep and its effects.”

Try chilling your room to between this range just before bed, so you have a better chance of dozing off if you need to turn your fans off and shut your windows during the night.

But it turns out there could be something else lurking in your bed which is keeping you up in summer – and it's your foam topper.

Most people will lose around eight ounces of sweat during the night, which, if you have a foam topper, will unfortunately absorb most of it.

While making your mattress soft and potentially helping you drift off in the colder months, during summer it can make your bed even hotter.

Bill Fish, a sleep expert and founder of sleep website Tuck, said that during the warmer months the foam in these toppers can “trap” body heat, making you sweat even more at night.

The experts advised chilling your room before bed, then investing in some cooling sheets to maintain the temperature through the night.

This is particularly important if you have a foam topper, and you're not willing to ditch it for the summer.

Christopher added: “If you tend to sleep on the warmer side or live in a climate with hot summers, purchasing cooling bed sheets is beneficial for your sleep health and worth the long-term investment.”


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