Sneaky mum reveals how she stops her kids finding her snack stash in her bedroom & parents reckon she’s a genius

ANY parent knows that you'll end up sharing sweets if you make the mistake of eating them in front of your kids.

And you need to come up with a creative hiding spot for snacks, presents, toys and any other contraband.

After getting sick of her kids nicking her food, one mum came up with a clever method for hiding her snack stash in her bedroom – and she’s been branded a ‘genius’.

The mum took a leaf out of The Home Edit’s book, and invested in some door storage. 

She shared her nifty idea to Facebook group Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia, where her brilliant tip has been dubbed the ultimate mum hack. 

The mum wrote: Kmart over the door storage, kids open my bedroom  door and can't see my stash. Winning.” 

More than 3,000 people liked the post, with one person saying: “Lmfaaooo genius.” 

Another wrote: “Mum hack.”

A third commented: “Mum hack at its finest.” 

While this parent thought: “Good idea.” 

Another reckoned: “Clever mum !” 

This mum said: “And here I was buying one for my bathroom.” 

And someone else wrote: “The perfect hiding spot.”

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