Spring 2020's Runway Trends Are Big and Bold, but Easy to Wear

Spring 2020’s Runway Trends Are Big and Bold, but Easy to Wear

The biggest trends to come from the Spring 2020 runways at Fashion Week are bound to be some of your favorites, mostly because they will all reinvigorate your wardrobe with quirk or flair, and they aren’t hard to pull off. Whether it’s the new puff sleeve — which you can decide to flaunt in the form of a bishop top or your next vacation midi — or the striped, knit dress, you won’t have to think too hard about styling these looks.

Even the “’80s lady” you’ll get to know below is up to your own interpretation. You can easily pick up some bold polka-dot prints, or you can go all out and give a voluminous ’80s prom dress a go, with its bubble hem and gathering of fabric at the waist. While we’ve yet to see what the shows in Europe will bring, we’re already certain that this is a solid first look at your Spring wardrobe. Scroll through for a complete breakdown, or jump ahead to the trend you want to explore right off the bat.

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