Stylist sparks fierce debate as she slams the ‘ugliest fashion trend’ of the past eight years – so are you guilty of it? | The Sun

A STYLIST has ruffled some feathers by giving her take on the “ugliest fashion trend” of the last eight years.

Caitlin Jaymes is a closet organiser and stylist who posts her hot fashion takes on Tik Tok.

But her most recent one has sparked a debate… because most people are guilty of it. 

She said: “The ugliest fashion trend from 2015 up until now?

“Apple Watches.

“That’s it.”

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The Los Angeles based fashion expert, who has worked with celebrities like Madison Beer and Harry Jowsey, believes tech companies could have made the watches more “fashion forward”.

She acknowledged that “people are gonna get angry” over her opinion.

Caitlin’s grievance can also be applied to Fitbits and any other health and fitness watch that looks “techy”.

Her main argument is that “watches are a huge part of fashion”.

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So even if they aren’t being used for fashion purposes, they should still look stylish. 

She added that it “blows her mind” when people wear them for formal events.

Tech watch fans jumped to the comments of her controversial video to defend their style choices.

One defended: “Apple Watches aren’t a fashion trend or piece or statement though.

“They are quite literally a watch.”

A second weighed in: “Who wears an Apple Watch for fashion? 

“It’s for functionality. 

“My day date can’t track my steps.”

A third said: “My Fitbit is a fitness tracker and we do wellness challenges at work. 

“It just also happens to have the time on it.

“I'm not trying to be trendy.”

However, there are ways to make your smart watch look more chic.

One fashionista who wears a smart watch said her “gold link band makes a world of difference”.

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A second supporter of Caitlin’s opinion quipped: “It drives me crazy seeing them in photos of wedding parties, family photos, engagement photos, etc.”

Her hot take has since attracted over 300,000 views, with 500 people jumping to the comments to weigh in on it.

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