The one trick you need to get your car looking brand new

HAVE you ever wanted to get your car looking as spotless and smelling as good as it did when you first bought it?

Well, this $30 cleaning product will remove any and every stain from it – inside and outside.

A TikTok user shared the product she's obsessed with as she showed before and after pics of her own car.

"Honestly shook at how well this cleaner works," she said as she sprayed a foam cleaner on her dirty car windows before wiping them down to reveal a spotless glass.

"It's serious amazing. You can spray it on your leather, upholstery, and carpet in your car and you can see the before and after, side by side, of the seat that I did but if you have tough stains on carpet or leather, this stuff is amazing."

She showed as she was able to wipe down coffee stained doors and the muddy exterior of her car, making them look brand new.

She even put the shine back on her car's tires.

Previously, a cleaning obsessed man shared his hack for getting spotless car windows: maple syrup and charcoal toothpaste.

He used a paint brush to apply maple syrup to the entire window before adding a generous amount of charcoal toothpaste.

Making sure the entire window was smothered in the peculiar mixture, the young man then added a layer of clingfilm to the window. 

In the video, which has already gained 5.8M likes, he showed how he left the clingfilm to soak in for an hour before taking it off.

Leaving a crusty, glazed substance on the window, he threw any debris and then used a water spray and sponge to wipe down the window.

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