The secrets to Michelle Keegan’s super-toned body including a budget fake tan & why she NEVER bothers with cardio

MICHELLE Keegan has come a long way since her time as a fresh-faced soap star, bursting on to our screens almost 15 years ago.

And now, with her enviable physique and ageless beauty, the 33-year-old actress is famed for her sculpted abs and toned legs as well as her on-screen moments.

Last week, the brunette bombshell showed off her athletic figure in skintight lycra in a throwback to her cycling in the summer.

The sporty snap had plenty of admirers complimenting her on her toned and fit physique, desperate to know her secrets.

But neither Michelle or her equally fit husband Mark Wright hide away from the fact they lead a super healthy lifestyle, which involves vigorous exercise and a super clean eating.

Weight for it

For many years, the Our Girl star has tried to tone up her slender body, but has admitted that she hates going to the gym.

Michelle instead prefers to watch YouTube clips and do quick eight minute workouts at home which focus on her abs.

When she does make it to the gym though, Michelle says that she avoids “too much cardio" as it "makes [her] scrawny” and sticks to weights instead.

She told Cosmopolitan: "A few years ago I would have done about 40 minutes of cardio, whereas now I feel like the more I do weights, the more I see a change in my body.

"For my body, weight training is better for me. I do alternative days, so one day I’ll focus on my legs, and the next day I’ll focus on my arms."

This year the star decided to shake things up and use her home gym to transform her body once more, with a little help from her beau Mark.

The TOWIE star started a fitness programme, Train Wright, with his brother during lockdown earlier this year, and has put Michelle through her paces with his daily hardcore hiit classes.

Balanced diet

When she wakes up in the morning, Michelle makes sure she drinks a litre of water before enjoying scrambled eggs and avocado for breakfast.

She previously told Women’s Health: “I do like my eggs in the morning, if I was trying to be good I’d have a piece of rye bread with a bit of avocado and scrambled egg whites.

"That would be my perfect breakfast."

She also has a protein shake a day, or a smoothie,and has cut out red meat altogether, but does eat fish and chicken.

She also watches what she eats during the week, limiting herself to healthy home cooked meals, but admits she enjoys fast-food on weekends – particularly Chinese takeaway.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she said: "I never feel guilty when I eat cheat food because if I've been quite strict all week, I feel like I deserve it.”

She also avoids carbs late at night, and when she feels like something sweet she'll help herself to a spoonful, just to get the taste of it.

Bronzed beauty

Aside from her food and fitness, the actress pays close attention to what beauty products she uses in order to maintain her youthful appearance.

While she's always been known for her love of fake tan, it turns out it's a budget Garnier version that gives her year-round golden glow.

In an interview with Hello a few years back, Michelle admitted she used it regularly while filming Coronation Street, and was later announced as the face of the brand for Ambre Solaire Self Tan.

She said: "When I was on Corrie, I was always asked what I used to fake tan and I would always say Garnier.

"Just because it's natural, it hasn't got that biscuity smell and it goes on really easily without streaks. I've used it from day one."

Now, she admits she's pretty "low maintenance" when it comes to her everyday look, and always goes for a low-key approach to beauty.

Speaking to Women's Health, the star revealed some of her other beauty secrets which help keep her looking young.

Revealing her top tip, she said: "Know your skin. I know that mine changes in different climates, so I'll adjust my products to suit that. Oh – and always wear SPF."

Surprisingly, she doesn't bother with fancy facials and instead just looks after her skin at home.

To help make her eyes pop without makeup, Michelle gets a LVL lash lift through Nouveau Lasheswhich she's been "obsessed with ever since" her friend recommended it a few years ago.

She also gets her nails done occasionally but "nothing too fancy" and will usually go for a gel nude colour.

And despite having a million plus lip products to choose from, the brunette beauty says a clear lip balm is always her go to – particularly "a classic pot of Vaseline".

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