There is a sex position called the pretzel dip… and it’s driving couples wild

LOOKING to spice things up in the bedroom?

There is a sex position driving couples wild called the “Pretzel Dip” – and it is said to give you the deep penetration of doggy while maintaining eye contact.

If you are looking to become the human form of a giant pretzel with your partner, this move could be just what you are looking for.

To enjoy the foodie frolic, women need to lie on their right side, with their male partner kneeling and straddling their right leg.

He picks up and curls the woman’s left leg round his left side, in order to get up close and personal.

Women can lie back as the man does all the hard work in this very passionate position that leaves his hands free to roam your body.

Minimal effort and maximum pleasure!

To take it to the next level, the woman can also use their free hands to explore their own or their partner’s body to heighten the tension.

And for even more excitement, why not add a vibrator or lube into the mix?

To really amp up the session, a tingling peppermint lube is a surefire way to ensure your bodies slip and slide together in perfect harmony.

Let the pretzel-themed pleasure begin!

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