“This simple trick is the key to finding jeans that fit like a glove”

Written by Naomi May

Do you struggle to find jeans that fit like a glove? This well-kept secret is the style realm’s go-to hack for finding the pair of your dreams (and it’ll give you change from £10).

There are several secrets that, at the behest of my industry contemporaries, I keep to myself. They span the gamut of brands that are too good to share with the world, well-hidden stores full of vintage gems that are as good as kept under lock and key and how-to hacks that make finding those all-important investment statement pieces decidedly easier.

One such secret that I’m willing to share with you is my £10 go-to trick for getting jeans to fit like a glove – and it doesn’t involve buying anything new at all. 

Find buying a well-fitted pair of jeans borderline impossible? You’re not alone.

Recently, when I snapped up a pair of highly coveted jeans in a major etailer’s sale, I was sad to wiggle myself into them only to find they fit like, well, anything but a glove. They fitted my body more like an oversized and intentionally slouchy jumper. These are jeans that tick all of the boxes of anything and everything you’d ever want from some denim, but the poor fit couldn’t be overlooked.

This ought to come with a disclaimer, however, that my body type is arguably not one that is best lent to jeans. I have a small waist and larger legs, which makes the metrics of denim – a fabric that one buys according to waist and leg length – difficult. 

Simply take your jeans to your local tailor for an optimal fit.

This is precisely where my fuss-free hack comes in. I refused to return the jeans, and instead, I took them to my local dry-cleaner (Sandringham Road Dry Cleaner), where I tried them on and explained to the in-house tailor how I wanted them to fit: tight at the waist, loose on the leg. Like really good jeans that could’ve been painted onto me.

Five working days later, I received a text that said they were ready to be picked up, and suddenly, the jeans that had fitted so poorly, now were properly tailored to fit my body. All that for less than £10 seems like a pretty good denim deal to me. 

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