Tiger weekly horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you December 20 – 26

December 20, 2020 – December 26, 2020

TIGERS might feel extra nervous this week as they have many projects going on at the same time with their due dates quickly approaching. Will they manage?

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The start of the week is a tough one for Tigers. They will be swarmed with so many pending assignments, they must be frugal with wasting time. It is important that these tasks get done to avoid backlog when the new year comes. Problems may arise out of those tasks, but it’s important for the Tiger to keep a cool, calm, and collected demeanor as it will help their productivity. 

Midweek, Tigers should sign up for meditation courses or head to a yoga class after work to unwind from the start of the week. It will do them good to relax in a space that isn’t their home. 

Saturday and Sunday will be a great chance to get in some last minute holiday shopping before the festivities begin. Hit the stores early so you’re not spending all day enclosed at a shopping mall and have an objective in mind when it comes to the gifts and where to find them.


This week, coupled Tigers should enjoy time at home doing fun activities. It may be a good opportunity to clean the house together or organize that room you’ve been putting off. Do things that bring you closer to your partner as you can both benefit from a tight-knit romance. 

Single Tigers should still keep searching for their special someone. There may be some luck for them to be partnered entering the new year. 


Tigers should try and set their nerves aside in terms of their careers. As long as they keep striving for a goal, everything will come together when it needs to. 

They are known for their competitiveness and their positive attitude about anything, which is great when it comes to work environments. 

However, it’s important that they remain centered in their passions and never stray from doing things they enjoy just for the sake of finances and status. 

Peace of mind and overall fulfillment is most important. 

Chinese zodiac signs in order

  • 🐀 Rat
  • 🐂 Ox
  • 🐅 Tiger
  • 🐇 Rabbit
  • 🐲 Dragon
  • 🐍 Snake
  • 🐎 Horse
  • 🐐 Goat
  • 🐒 Monkey
  • 🐓 Rooster
  • 🐕 Dog
  • 🐖 Pig

Types of Tigers

Wood Tiger: Compassionate, expansive, and open to anything. 

Fire Tiger: Optimistic, independent, can have poor self-control.

Earth Tiger: Adventurous, realistic, has a strong sense of faith, grounded.

Metal Tiger: Enthusiastic, indecisive, stubborn, and critical.

Water Tiger: Has a strong sense of self-esteem, quick learner, kind, confident. 

Spotlight Numerology

Virgo Earth Tiger 1998: The Virgo Earth Tiger’s life path number is 5.

Tigers with the life path number 5 are resourceful and love their freedom.

They learn by trial and error and constantly strive to be the best they possibly can be. 

These Tigers are not afraid of change and seek to reinvent themselves constantly.

Weekly Mantra

“Be the person that you say you want to be. It is within your control.”

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