Washing machine expert reveals the five laundry mistakes you’re making & why you must leave the door open between washes

A WASHING machine expert has revealed the five common laundry mistakes thousands make without realising. 

Ashley Iredale from Australian consumer company CHOICE revealed how there is little difference between washing in cold or warm water and fabric softener doesn’t help with cleaning. 

Here are the top mistakes to avoid when doing your laundry…

1. Fabric softener

Millions of people love to use fabric softener to leave their clothes smelling fresh, but Ashley advises that you avoid the product.

He said that it “doesn't contribute” to the cleaning process in any way, and can actually hinder it.

This is because the liquid can lead to a build-up of soap inside the machine over time, and can also reduce absorbency, which is not good for towels.

He explained: “Worse still, they reduce the effectiveness of fire retardancy on clothes, so even though they all have pictures of cute babies on the bottles, they're an absolute no-no for children's sleepwear.”  

2. Warm water

While you may think that warmer water is crucial when it comes to cleaning clothes, Ashley said there is “marginal difference” between warm and cold water.

He said that in Australia the “cold water” isn’t that cool compared to other places overseas, so you should save energy and water by choosing a cool cycle.

3. Incorrectly loading the machine

Ashley advised that one of the biggest mistakes is over or underloading the washing machine.

He explained: “Too little and you're wasting detergent, water and energy by not using your machine efficiently; too much and your clothes might not get clean, or you may reduce the lifespan of your machine.”

Ashley said items should be evenly distributed in the machine and your load should not fill the entire space. 

4. Delicates need to go in a laundry bag

Ashley said that not using a laundry bag for delicates can risk them getting damaged or stretched. 

He said: “Those clips on things like bras can also damage other items in the wash, or get caught in seals.”

He added that it could also lead to your favourite underwear items getting misshapen or ruined quicker than normal.

5. Shutting the washing machine door

While it may seem more tidy to shut your washing machine door between uses, it could lead to mould if you don’t. 

The door, or lid, should be left open after use to allow the machine to dry fully. 

This should avoid bad smells and mould building up over time.

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