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EVERY Sunday, our resident Tarotscope reader Kerry King will be revealing what surprises, challenges and excitement awaits you in the week ahead.

Kerry has been practising tarot readings for the last 20 years, starting from reading for friends to amassing an international client list.

Using her strong intuition and deep knowledge and understanding of the horoscope, she is able to provide accurate and encouraging predictions for the coming days.

Here’s her predictions for YOUR star sign…

ARIES (Page of Swords, Justice, Seven of Swords)

Goodness, there’s some skullduggery and shenanigans going on with the people you know right now, as shown by the shady Seven of Swords and the powerful “do the right thing please” Justice cards.

However, the thing is that you’re not entirely 100% you WANT to do the right thing. You feel kind of drawn into this drama, and you do have an opinion (as ever). It’s tempting to get mixed up and distract yourself with someone else’s problems for a while.

Aries, be careful. Drama is fun when you’re an observer and safely sat in the audience with your popcorn and friends, but NOT when you’re on the stage, being judged and berated by all.

The Page of Swords asks you to make a conscious and positive choice about stepping back, way back, from this squall. Let it play out, without your interference.

No one wants your opinion anyway. If you MUST, then write a big long letter about it all… then burn it. And get on with your life. Which is all good.

TAURUS (The Moon, Ace of Swords, Nine of Wands)

You don’t know everything you need to know, and by the end of this week ahead, you will have made some fascinating, maybe even life-changing discoveries in life.

So, lean in and ask questions, and do some research about areas where you suspect there’s more going on than meets the eye. Be a detective!

The Moon is the key card here, it represents secrets and illusions, and hidden knowledge. The Ace of Swords is the bearer of home truths, and shows that stuff is going to be revealed, shared and highlighted.

You will discover whatever it is that lies beneath. Are you ready? I ask that question because truth can be uncomfortable. Brace yourself to absorb it calmly, and take your time.

The Nine of Wands is a big reassurance, however, that you can handle this. Even if, at first sight, you see the truth emerging and think ‘oh no, put it back!’, don’t squirm away. It’s going to be alright, in fact it’s going to be better than it was before. Face this head on.

GEMINI (Judgment, Three of Cups, Seven of Wands)

Isn’t it funny how sometimes it’s when life kicks us that we actually feel more alive, awake and engaged than ever? When everything is going along smoothly, the status quo in place, you, Gemini, can nod off a bit. It gets boring.

The Seven of Wands and Three of Cups see you facing a challenge and enjoying the process of rising to it. Your blood is pumping again, and you’re firing on all cylinders.

A little bit of conflict and competition makes you think harder, work harder and go harder. And you can go harder than most, so woe betide whoever has started this little scrap!

Judgment reveals this is an important turning point for you. The prize at stake is worth more than you realise, and you may also gain other advantages and opportunities along the way, simply because you’re investing so much effort and putting so many wheels in motion.

Get to it. Fight the good fight. You’re a natural-born winner my friend.

CANCER (Ace of Coins, Four of Coins, Strength)

Strength is your key card this week, Cancer, and is a reassurance that you’re heading in the right direction, even if things feel hard or challenging.

Obstacles make us strong, they test our resolve, teach us new skills, and deepen our resilience for the future. Embrace those things that feel difficult, and tackle them with courage and optimism. You can go further than you think.

The Ace and Four of Coins asks you to focus your energy on making a new beginning in an area of life which has felt stagnated or routine, even dull, recently.

You have gotten into a rut, and although it’s probably easier to stay in it, it’s not going to do you any favours in the long run. Shake it up. Change your routine. Introduce something new into your world this week. Adjust your lifestyle habits. Identify one big positive change, and make it. Now.

You will feel a ripple effect of energy and hope across your whole landscape. The tangible benefits may not emerge overnight, this is an evolution vs a revolution, but it’s still the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

LEO (Two of Swords, Death, The Tower)

There is a decision you’ve avoided making this year, which is now going to be made for you. I suppose it is no bad thing, in the long run, because at least this will shift and move the energy here.

However, you might feel some discomfort, with The Tower, at whatever it is that triggers this decision being taken out of your hands.

Just accept it, and let it unfold, and know that this too shall pass. Death reveals this is just the beginning of a positive and necessary process of transformation.

Don’t hold on to whatever is being swept away. Don’t cling to the past. Face the events with composure, and trust in the process, trust in the direction the Universe is now nudging you in.

The Two of Swords shows that you may never have actually made a decision here anyway, and that this could’ve dragged on even longer, wearing you down in a subtle and insidious way.

Better to face the music and get on with things. Better to know where you stand. This is all for the best.

VIRGO (Ten of Wands, Three of Cups, King of Cups)

If you’re left to your own devices, Virgo, you can tip into the realms of “all work and no play”, because you’re such a conscientious and dutiful person at heart.

The Ten of Wands and Three of Cups come to remedy this imbalance, to force you to schedule in some fun, frivolous and indulgent activities in the week ahead.

It’s not pointless or wasteful, you need these little time outs more than you realise. And, actually, this could prove to be a very positive thing for your relationships too.

The King of Cups reveals that those in your life enjoy seeing you let your hair a bit more.

They, secretly, think you work too hard and take on too much. They probably don’t say anything because they’ve learnt you take any feedback as criticism, and brood over it more than you should.

Let me tell you: people just want you to be happy and carefree.

Invest in having fun this next seven days, and revel in the relationships you have. Life is good. Enjoy it.

LIBRA (Temperance, The High Priestess, Five of Cups)

The Five of Cups shows that an echo from your past will surface this week, and maybe make you feel a little bit sad. Perhaps you’re missing someone, or reliving an event that was regretful, or remembering a time you made a wrong choice. We all have a past.

The High Priestess asks you to stay with the emotions and find the trigger for remembering this, and then zoom down into the feelings and find their root cause. This was all long enough ago now that you can do this without feeling pain.

It’s all over. What’s left is a lingering sense of emotion that you can now identify, acknowledge and process, so that it no longer bothers you, and you might even get a life lesson from it.

Temperance shows that true healing and insight is available here. You can change your perspective on this event, with the benefit of hindsight, and glean a new outlook for the future with the wisdom you glean from it.

This little mental exercise is worth the effort. So, wander down Memory Lane, and heal an old wound once and for all.

SCORPIO (The Emperor, Five of Wands, The Sun)

No pain, no gain. It’s true.

The Five of Wands sees you competing with others this week and trying to stamp your authority and agenda on something.

The fight is worth the effort, because The Emperor reveals this is an important part of your future pathway, you’re laying foundations for the next chapter, and they need to be done properly, so don’t be tempted to take the easy way out or cut corners. Get the job done right, even if others don’t like it.

The Sun is the light ahead. This project, role or work is going to turn out beautifully, every effort you make now will be justified and rewarded down the line, so invest with everything you’ve got.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices in the present, in order to achieve something worthwhile in the future- and this is one of those times.

Press on, grit your teeth, be persistent, show them you mean business. This is all worth the while.

SAGITTARIUS (Knight of Coins, Eight of Swords, Seven of Cups)

You are feeling a little protective, and even defensive, about your ideas and future plans this week. It’s not like you, because you are typically an open book. Something has spooked you, what is it?

The Knight of Coins is the tarot’s guard, looking out for our interests and shielding us from outside influence. He is in play this week, patrolling your borders.

The Seven of Cups shows it’s your imagination and ideas that he’s protecting. You want more time and space to nurture your thinking, to pressure-test it personally, and without interference.

Sometimes, if we let others into our thoughts too soon, they can flatten our enthusiasm and stomp on the fledgling dreams before they were ready to fly.

The Eight of Swords is a nudge to make sure you DO air your ideas when the time is right. Don’t get so protective that you keep them to yourself and never get another’s opinion.

They need to be questioned, and the process is useful, just not too soon.

CAPRICORN (Queen of Coins, Five of Swords, Eight of Coins)

Whatever the obstacles are, Capricorn, please keep going, because there IS light ahead and you WILL make it through this.

The Five of Swords shows there is pressure, stress and tension around you right now, and everything feels harder than it normally does.

If you let yourself, you could quite easily give up and just find an easier day-job. Don’t do it! The Eight of Coins is the tarot’s “don’t give up” card, promising that whatever you’ve been working hard on will bear fruit, if you just stick with it.

Times are tough, but so are you, Capricorn, and you deserve to be rewarded for everything you’ve put into this.

The Queen of Coins shows that you will be rewarded, handsomely, in material and emotional gains.

You love being in control, in charge, your own boss, an expert and a manager. Treasure the role you have created for yourself, and work even harder to hang on to it.

Weather the storms swirling around you now, and you will find yourself sailing calm seas soon enough. You deserve success.

AQUARIUS (Page of Wands, Ten of Cups, Six of Swords)

Your love life feels a little choppy at the moment: maybe someone new has caught your attention, maybe you feel things drifting awry with your partner, maybe you’ve had a break-up with someone recently.

The Six of Swords shows that there has been a split or departure of some kind, even if only a division of opinion or affection. It may’ve startled or hurt you, but at the same time, you felt it coming, and are relieved that the tensions have come to the surface so that they can be dealt with openly. You don’t like hidden stresses.

The Page of Wands asks you to get stuck into this issue, this week, and attempt to resolve whatever the root cause is. You may need to be a bit experimental, and try different approaches or dialogues to get to the bottom of things. That’s okay, you like a challenge!

You are very persistent.

The Ten of Cups is a good omen that the week will end in a good place, with your love life back on an even keel, and the problems besetting it dealt with. Don’t shirk this. Get to it.

PISCES (The Wheel of Fortune, Nine of Swords, The Chariot)

Act bolder than you feel, Pisces, and the world is yours to be had this week!

Seriously, there are powerful and progressive forces swirling around you right now, with The Chariot and The Wheel of Fortune.

These cards are life-changing, and can signal new horizons, new landscape, changes of location, travel, new roles, new opportunity, and a whole new lifestyle just waiting to emerge- for the better.

Follow your dreams, pursue an inspiration, make something happen that you’ve longed for. Take the first steps, and the Universe WILL help you forwards, bringing good fortune and unexpected openings to facilitate your pathway.

The Nine of Swords points to your natural hesitation. You are an empathetic and kind soul, often putting others before yourself.

Well, dampen that down this week, Pisces, and be resolutely selfish and single-minded about going for what YOU want. It’s all possible.

Kerry King uses tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights, with over 20 years fortune telling experience, and many happy clients all over the world.

You can book a personal, written reading, which comes as a beautifully illustrated brochure, at www.kerrykingtarot.etsy.com.

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